Tea is not just a drink, It's a Lifestyle

Our Story

Brenda Royer is the founder and co owner of Lifestyles For Life. Brenda owns the company with her husband Lincoln. Although many may think that Lincoln is a silent partner, he is not. Apart from being a loving, thoughtful and supportive life partner to Brenda, Lincoln is a gifted guitarist that plays and serenades the guests at Lifestyles For Life High Tea.

Tea is not just a highly nutritious drink, but a Lifestyle for Brenda. Brenda enjoyed tea as a child growing up but her her love for quality, premium loose leaf teas grew exponentially as she relentlessly studied the countless health benefit of teas. Her passion for teas led the way to launching her first Tea Boutique - Lifestyles For Life in Burlington on Remembrance Day 2016 (a day Brenda will always remember).


Brenda also wanted a warm and inviting place where her growing customers would have premium teas, and other health, wellness and beauty products readily available.

Brenda continually works on blending teas that not only focus on elevating one’s health, but are also delicious and give you a wonderful sense of enjoyment. One of Brenda’s latest nutrition and delicious tea Tropical Oolong, won the best tea award at the Royal Botanical Tea Festival in November 2019.

Brenda’s exploration of teas is her passion and she covets the opportunity to share her wealth of information about teas with her friends, family and valued customers while enjoying a perfectly steeped cup of tea

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Founder & CEO